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What Does Healing Guy Do

Holistic Therapy is an energy healing practice that involves the integration of mind, body and spirit. This therapy draws on several healing modalities and was developed during Todd’s ongoing studies in the field of healing arts and through years of private practice.

Holistic Therapy is based on the core foundational belief that it is essential to have an understanding and awareness of the whole person to heal the whole person. When you limit your focus on one area of your mind, body or soul you limit the possibilities of life-long improvement and wellness.

See the Therapies section for a more in depth description of all healing modalities employed during Multi-Dimensional Therapy.


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It’s interesting how we can attract the people who can help us into our lives just at the right times. One day, I said I wanted to learn to meditate due to my “monkey mind” and hectic work schedule that I put myself through. The next day I went for a massage and met Todd Kurpil! He has a unique understanding of many different healing practices as well as a sharp intuition. I am so grateful because now my meditations are my daily saving grace-my me time if you will. I look forward to it everyday and I owe it to Todd!

Laura A. – Long Beach, CA

TODD KURPIL IS A TRUE GIFT!!! For some reason, I would get sick before anything big was about to happen in my life. Whether it was my high school graduation, my sisters wedding etc. I started working with Todd a few months before my wedding, doing meditation. He was amazing and helpful and put my mind, body and spirit at ease. I took everything that he taught me and put it to use during my wedding week and on my wedding day. Thanks to Todd and his guidance, it was the best day of my life.

Noemi G. – Culver City, CA

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