The work that I do with people is something very intimate, sacred and humbling. I believe that if a person has hope, even the smallest amount of hope, then healing can happen. Be it the hope for physical, mental or emotional healing…it means that you know you have a life worth living.

My work is a marriage of soul and spirit. The spirit is based in awareness, consciousness and higher values. When we glimpse this place inside of us we don’t want it to go away. It is the feeling that most of wish we could maintain all the time. What is interesting about spirit is that we can live there, no matter where we are coming from. We can maintain that feeling of lightness, bliss, awareness and peace; even if at this moment we are far from those feelings. The way to maintain this spiritual set point is to pay close attention to the soul.

Through our experiences and emotions, we feel passion and exhaustion, which is the manifestation of our soul in this lifetime. The soul has many faces of the underworld within all of us. Some of the faces that exist in us are depression, sadness, grief, anger, resentment, irritation and many others. Most of us run from these emotions and try to ignore or neglect them only to find that they are always catching up to us. The example I like to use is the bear in the woods. If a person comes across a bear (the emotion) the first thing one does is to get scared and run. Well, the bear can run forty five miles per hour and climbs trees! Once it catches you it will rip you apart. What is best to do when you encounter a bear, is to sit with it. Eventually it will just walk away.

In my work I will teach you how to unwind and integrate your experiences and emotions so that you can live at a higher set point within your spirit. You will be able to maintain a more balanced life and be able to face any situation with clarity and love.

Please contact me if you have a glimpse of hope and are ready to heal and maintain a higher vibration.

In love and service,
Todd Kurpil

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