Soulful House Clearing

Reasons to clear your home:

  1. You’re selling your home and want to neutralize the energy inside it. This allows for a person that is looking to buy your home to feel like it is their own home. Meaning, when they step into the home they will feel only their own energy, which then makes them feel like they own it already. It’s a blank slate, a fresh start. This will result in a quicker sale of your home.
  2. You have just bought a new home. This clearing allows for your home to be cleansed of the old owners. It gives your home a present and fresh start. You will feel only your energy and vibration in the home. This will result in a happy loving space to live in.
  3. You have been living in your home for awhile now and feel like the home has stagnated energy. You feel like there is thick, stale and/or unhealthy energy in your home. I will remove this energy from your home resulting in clear and present energy that you can live in.

    Examples of thick stuck energy:

    • There is a lot of arguing in the home
    • Someone has left the home: a spouse from a separation/divorce or a child that left for college
    • You have never cleared the home before and realize that you feel the stuck energy in your home
  4. Some people feel energies in their home. They may refer to these energies as entities, spirits or ghosts. If you are one of these people that feel these energies then a house clearing can help to remove them.

I have cleared homes for all the reasons mentioned above. This process is a great way to claim a deeper ownership in the place that you live. Home is a very intimate, private and safe place to be. To clear it of unwanted energy will allow for many balancing things to occur. You will sleep better, feel more relaxed, and there will be more unity in the household. This will help anyone that is artistic to generate more ideas and creations. House clearing is an amazing process to help transform your home.

To obtain the rates for house clearing please send me a message here with:

  • The square footage of your home
  • Type of home you live in: apartment, condo or house
  • If you have outdoor space and if so do you want me to clear that as well
  • If yes to the above question, how many acres or square footage is your outdoor area?

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