Does Living the Life that you have been dreaming about seem to always fall short? Do you find yourself struggling with negative self-talk, fearing the unknown or being held back by limiting beliefs? If you do, you are not alone AND there is finally something you can do about it.
Take Conscious Action! Lifeline Ignite Course gives you the ability to raise your consciousness. The by-product of raising consciousness is that you will Learn, Grow, Heal and Evolve. This course will teach you the first steps of the Lifeline Technique which is an innovative and integrated whole health system that gives us the ability to identify, harmonize and upgrade subconscious programs and limiting beliefs. Transform using muscle reflex testing, focused intention and the power of Infinite Love & Gratitude.

In this course you will learn:
• The Art of MRT (Muscle Reflex Testing)
• To reframe problems as portals into the next greatest version of YOU
• A technique to navigate through pain, fear and stress using non-content format
• Fast effective tools for creating positive change, while maintaining present time consciousness
• A Manifestation System: a reproducible step by step process to intentionally experience health, balance & purpose.
• Super Charge your emotional intelligence by learning the tools of the power of Self-Love

Todd J. Kurpil, for the last 25 years Todd has worked as a therapist and teacher. Todd established the Healing Guy in Los Angeles California where he provides numerous alternative therapies, meditations and informative classes & seminars.

Contact Todd today to sign up for his next Lifeline Ignite Course.

Details will be coming soon of where and when the next class will take place. There are limited space available so reserve your spot today.

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