Holistic Therapy

Healing Guy is an energy healing practice that involves the reprogramming of core limiting beliefs that were downloaded into the subconscious mind. Todd has learned and studied many different therapeutic techniques through out his 25 years in the field of the healing arts. These include Lifeline Practitioner, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher and Craniosacral Therapy.

Healing Guy is based on the core foundational belief that it is essential to have an understanding and awareness of the whole person to heal the whole person. Focusing on the combination of the mind, body, spirit and emotion you create the possibilities of life-long improvement and wellness.

Please come in for a free consultation to meet Todd and ask any questions you may have about the work he does. The consultation takes approximately 30 minutes, but please give yourself 2 hours so you are able to begin a healing program that day if it feels right for you.

Lifeline Technique

The Lifeline Technique is a manifestation system that helps the client become the watchful observer of the old self. By being an observer of the old self the client is no longer being it. How this works is by focusing on the symptoms and stressors in ones life as a doorway, feedback, a portal into self. When one can look at any symptom or stressor, not as a problem but as a portal, many wonderful things happen within ones life. A client begins to transform their Health, Wealth and Relationships into higher vibrational energy. One begins to regenerate then degenerate.


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Life-force Energy. Rei means universal, present everywhere, Ki is the life force–the non-physical energy that gives life to all living things and which can be used for the purpose of healing.

When your life force is low your body becomes stressed, and creates a greater susceptibility to illness.

Reiki is the practice of channeling energy from the practitioner’s hands to the recipient, thus increasing your body’s natural ability to heal itself!!

Reiki Healing Energy goes to exactly where it is needed.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a deeply relaxing and meditative practice that bridges physical and energetic bodywork. During a session, the practitioner uses very subtle touch to detect and balance the body’s “cranial wave”–the physiological rhythm of cerebral spinal fluid pulsing through the central nervous system. Stillness and patience is key.
CranioSacral Therapy is used for a myriad of health problems, including headaches, neck and back pain, TMJ dysfunction, chronic fatigue, motor-coordination difficulties, eye problems, depression, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, and many other conditions. It is also used to improve the functioning of the central nervous system, eliminate the negative effects of stress, strengthen resistance to disease, and enhance overall health.
In addition to unwinding restriction, trauma and pain, CST often provides space for clients to drop into an altered state and explore subconscious realms. Science calls it the Alpha brain state. Shamans call it Dreamtime. It is the space between waking and sleep, where we access information not readily available to the conscious mind.

Somatic Emotional Release (SER)

A therapeutic system developed in the 1970s and 1980s by Drs JE Upledger and Z Karni, based on the posit that the physical forces absorbed during an injury will either dissipate, allowing the body to heal itself, or be retained, which forces the body to adapt. The adaptive response consists of surrounding the physical force with a pocket of energy, which Upledger and Kami call an “energy cyst”, a hypothetical lesion that impedes healing; the energy cyst in turn becomes a cause of disease and dysfunction.


The teaching of meditation is used with visualizations and sound. When one goes into a mediation one should come out a different person each time. If one does not then nothing has changed. By using meditation techniques a client will learn how to transform themselves from the inside out. Meditation is a practice and a discipline that will help transform your life. When you take the journey of learning how to control your mind the rest of you will follow.


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